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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  February 20, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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5,000 next week or next month after this weekend. don't forget to join me this sunday on the fox news channel latin a.m. eastern, we will talk about the latest for the economy as well as markets when i sit down with the ceo of qualcomm. time for "varney and company". thanks for joining us on "the opening bell". have a great show. stuart: finally a plan to attack isis. in april may be. or may perhaps. if iraqi troops are ready. the pentagon news the enemy the battle plan. apple has a plan. build an electric car by 2020. they have given investors their battle plan and investors like it. i have a plan. i am heading to florida. it is cold down there but all does absolutely frigid air routes. i have not heard much about global warming. have you. "varney and company," the winter edition is about to begin.
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all right. alert this. we will talk isis, apple and everything else in a moment. more problems for obamacare. lighthouse says it's hundred thousand customers to sign up for obamacare on health were sent the wrong tax information, told to delay their filing. that means their tax refunds will be delayed as well. this is the latest computer glitch to play obamacare. it comes a week after president obama took a victory lap for all the people who signed the. also breaking as we speak, a top ukrainian military official says about 20 russian tanks, 10 missile launchers and busloads of troops have crossed the border. russia has not commented on these reports. leaders of france and germany say sanctions intense russia will move forward if the ceasefire and a cease-fire isn't respected. military action has broken the cease-fire. maybe more sanctions on the
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road. we will see. apple still near an all-time high, the company is the most valuable in world. now they have put up five year time frame of for a computer that you drive otherwise known as apple cart. welcome back to the show. you have been critical of elon musk and his electric car, relying on government subsidies tax subsidies. would you be opposed to that apple car? >> yes i would be. apple may have several reasons to develop something like this but stack detectives are behind it won't go for it. stuart: $180 billion in cash? >> they could think they could take the technology forward or they may realize the electronics within the car are the most voluble things so there are not competing with has led in that
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sense. stuart: five years from now that will be a computer you drive. and apple wants to be right there running the platform. i am not sure they will have that design. >> i like this car. >> reminds me of an east german treuhand. >> reminds me of a few go. remember that car? stuart: what you saying? that is right. that is nowhere near what they're finally going to come out with. >> i like the hugo. remember the car made of mud? peter: one i can remember the words but it is really funny thing. >> this has gone way off track. stuart: what do you think about apple coming out with a car five years from now? forget the tax subsidies. what about apple? >> if it is about the electronics in the car, making
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cars safer giving consumers what they actually want to buy, consumers don't want to buy cars, they cost an enormous amount of money, just to save something and gas mileage, they want features that are going to make some safe, get driving to work these year. stuart: i think it will be a wild success. that is what i think. hopefully they get taxpayer support. >> i am completely against that. stuart: gary from auto editor can apple design and build a car in five years? if so how will they do that? are they going to build a tire? let's see what gary has to say at the top of the hour. it is friday morning, this is gone nowhere friday, frigid don't know where friday. we're down two points 17,983. lower profits at john deere and it cut its profit forecast for the year. john deere is an exporter, that
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is very tough when the dollar goes straight up and brazil has been a big problem but it is only down $0.23 and 91. 0 oil has been moving quite a lot recently but this morning dead flat, up, down one cent, $51 a barrel gas up a tiny fraction of the night, still $2.27 national average $0.22 higher than one month ago. let's get to the terror front. military officials laying out a game plan to retake the iraqi city of mosul from isis. the pentagon says operations to retake the city will begin in april or may 8th. iraqi soldiers will be the ground operation but only when they are ready. senior advisor christian whiteman joins us now. they laid out the battle plan and there's a great deal of criticism because of that. it is a plan that many people approve of because they say let them kill each other. keep our guys out of it.
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the conover is there. lead and take care of it. that is the president's policy. what do you say? >> the problem is the iraqi shiite army is even less receptive than marian hugo. i can tell you bunch of iraqi rifles only dropped once. they lost every significant battle when you get out of she areas. if we are talking about seriously taking the fight isis that is great, i hope for the iraqi army but the track record is terrible and this is another recipe for conflict. stuart: it is the essence of president obama's policy, we stay out. we won't put ground troops there, we stay out let them fight their battle. in principle but the state to that? regardless of performance of the iraqi army would use it to the principle? >> would be great if a worked a dozen. we are dependent on sunni tribal forces rise up against faces that they won't do that if we are sitting in a 5-star hotel in of the dobby saying yes, go fight and even though you got the trade last time this
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happened, we will be with you this time. i don't want to be involved in a war that is halfway. it is come to the point we have to resolve ourselves and we should want to win and if that takes ground forces than i am afraid that is the necessary thing even though no one wants to do that politically. stuart: let me put this one at you. i'm planning at devil's advocate to some degree but the pentagon gives away the battle plan. here we come on this they were this way, how many others then coming and here's where we are going. maybe we are lying. maybe that is a ruse. we won't go for mozilla, we will go somewhere, this is successful lying to the enemy? >> that is my hope when i heard this and you think back to world war ii when we had a fake army to convince the germans we were invading in calais and set of normandy but i don't think that. if you look at this pentagon i think there are two other possibilities both of which are bad and foolish, by saying this
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week and force the iraqi army into a fight we want them to have. worst case scenario is this covers a series of disasters by the obama administration and sony predictions that isis was sort of on its heels. the pentagon spokesman just got fired first week in part because it was done for data military officer giving political talking points about a victory most people could look and see isn't happening. stuart: russia moving more troops and weapons and the ukraine. vladimir putin has won and we were not paying attention. what do you make of this? >> vladimir putin is pushing on an open door if you look at the recalculates he doesn't respond to? little reset buttons from hillary clinton. he does what he thinks is in his interest and is pushing on an open door in ukraine. there are things europe can do that are inherently european like using the international criminal court, charging russian leaders with war crimes but they're not even doing that. we need to rebalance within nato to make it clear there's going to be a limit to how far
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vladimir putin can go we are not doing that, we are not arming the ukrainians seriously, there are going to get away with it. stuart: thanks for joining us on this frigid morning. you look like you wanted to say something. >> it is fiction to say we don't have ground troops in iraq, we have thousands of troops in iraq. this is mission creep. let's be honest with the american people you can distinguish between troops that are there to guide the iraqis, they will never get a factor. stuart: that is a fair point. and now in tease you missed it, headlines from lauren simonetti who joins us on the stock exchange. >> good friday morning. and he's you missed it, $14,000 a day by federal regulators, they're not cooperating with the probe, the air bags can explode sending metal flying into the air and killing drivers and passengers. 12 automakers recalling 25 million vehicles worldwide
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because of its. six deaths have led to the shoe. they have to define every day until they cooperate. delta promising checked bags in 20 minutes or less and if they don't do that you get 2500 bonus miles. not a bad deal. olive garden tonight is having their second annual parents' night out. drop the kids off at your local gym or fitness center, you get free babysitting while you dine at olive garden. you must make a reservation. they are down 2 tenths of 1%. stuart: freezing in some parts of florida, negative temperatures across the midwest. this is the deep freeze. climate change or just plain winter? let's not get into that? the forecast is next. we ask the question can you go one day without using one of their products? we make the case apple is the most important company in the world bar none.
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stuart: don't know where frigid friday, 7 points and 17,970. look at the share price of rocket fuel. this is a web based video advertising companies it came out with the disappointing numbers. they go down 25% lower at $11 a share. disappointing profit forecasts from the restaurant chain noodles and company. it is going down. little unusual because most restaurants are doing very well in this stock market but not noodles. it is dangerously cold out there. look at this. cities across the country new record lows, temperatures bad enough but these are wind chills, we have feels like
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temperature of-10 in new york city and look at it across the other major cities of the country. we will bring a live report from chicago-12 wind chill coming up next hour. what apple please, their latest product will watch the stores april reportedly they have ordered 6 million to be made by the launch. will it be a hit? someone who knows the answer to that question is with us, senior tech analyst christina warren. the big hits or not? >> will be a big hit. stuart: explain yourself. >> it won't be as big as the i phone or the ipad but it is a new apple product and this has opportunity to be the first terrible that will really take off and people want. when i talked to regular people on the street they're excited about the apple watch. stuart: you found a regular person. >> they are still excited about it. stuart: these are wearable.
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what you mean is computing power that you wear in clothing or on your body is what the watch is. >> it is going to be at many input to your phone so instead of having a phone out of time you have to plan to your watch and i have a new text message or call is coming in or let me check the phone. stuart: if that is all it does it is not going to be a great big hit, is it? >> you would be surprised. make it fashionable, convenient, able to do one or two pull famous. >> can we ever focus on anything again? if my wrist is sinking -- i won't get any work done. >> the goal of all this is to make it as a dd as possible. stuart: wait, wait. make it has a d d as possible? >> that is what these kings are all about. the pharmaceutical bottom line so we can go on the drug's. stuart: i you joking? >> i am completely joking.
11:17 am
>> to be the bottom line here is it is a platform. is a new platform for this whole genre of wearable computing. >> exactly. when you look at the original iphone who would have thought we would be doing everything we are doing on it now. that is an opportunity too. it is the new screen, this time on your wrist, it can be a little more personal and some of the of the things we do like heart or blood pressure can get really interesting. >> apple's says the watch comes out in april, the car we hear, 2020, elector carl, five years. can they do in five years? >> i think they can. it will take some work it might not be the perfect version they might have to get some help but they can do a car in five years. >> a won't build a tire but the the engine in. >> cable design the engine themselves and probably design other components that they have a lot of manufacturers who can do these kings for the man do will probably take the official
11:18 am
tires maybe the apple logo on the truck. stuart: mary was saying earlier it is a platform. that is what it is about. they might use interesting things in the engine but if they're getting involved in a lot of space which is increasingly looking like that is what is going to happen is about controlling the experience inside the car. you go into a kind of allah and it is not a great experience to control even the radio. and opportunity to control not just the radio but that weather alerts, location, directions. >> safety too. you are getting too close to the car in front of you. stuart: will be like sitting in your living room and somebody else is driving you to place you want to go to. >> yes and why you are watching your itunes and listening watching videos listening to music, playing games, all in the comfort of your car. >> will we look back 20 years from now and think we were in sane to ever drive our own cars? >> i hope so. "imus in the morning" when it is
11:19 am
fun to drive a car. >> is unsafe. >> i wouldn't get in a car with you, stuart varney. stuart: up porche 9/11 -- >> that is a fun car to drive. >> a fun car to drive but driving in this city, driving in any event i would much rather sit back and play games and listen to the radio. stuart: on the subject of driving a want to look at the video i took the video, i didn't drive. that is my vehicle, it will come would you. here it comes, that is my tracked vehicle on my farm in three feet of snow. in the back of it you see the logs that i cut. that is of the alleged half. my production team says that is lousy video. so cristina, what did i do wrong with the video?
11:20 am
>> you turned your phone the wrong way. you can't record with your phone standing straight up. you have to turn it to the side. stuart: i held it like that. wonderful video. >> no. stuart: what should i do? like that? would is the vantage like that? >> you get the entire frame in perspective. you have that two white bars on the side because it doesn't fill up the screen. stuart: i was told to rack so time is up. even though you are totally wrong. serious stuff rudy guiliani says president obama does not love america end rudy is not backing down. >> the reality is from all but i can see of this president, all i have heard of him, he apologizes for america, criticizes america.
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stuart: rudy guiliani doubling down on comments teammate about the president. listen to is this. >> from light and see of this president, although i heard of him, he apologizes for america, he criticizes america. i may be wrong. is my opinion and i entitled to it. i did not detect in this man the same rhetoric, the same language the same love of
11:25 am
america i detected another american presidents including democrats, guides a lot of the things he says a lot of things that he does. stuart: watch out, next hour brian kilmeade joins us to talk about rudy guiliani. the government's tough nutritionists say stop eating meat so much because meat is bad for the environment. remember when we had a professor on to the polls in the theory that cheeseburgers cause global warming, we got to roll that tape. >> if you look at the actual data on the subject the epa for example calculates that only 8% of all co2 emissions of carbon dioxide comes from agriculture livestock is smaller than that so the fact that meat for example is the single greatest threat doesn't mesh well with the scientific research on the subject. stuart: thank you very much. the theory is that cow flatulence is a major contributor to global warming
11:26 am
therefore don't eat meat. >> these green the wackos won't be happy until we are all living in mud huts and eating plants and gathering berries. reality is that science has made our food more plentiful, safer and cheaper ultimately for the world's for and this kind of talk is crazy talk. stuart: what do you make of genetically modified food. >> is safe. we have been genetically modifying food for hundreds of years, there is nothing to unsafe about gm 0 food. that is another anti science-fiction and go look at the research. stuart: we are glad to have you on the show this friday morning with a ray of sanity. >> this drive me nuts. it drives me crazy. stuart: up next the man who may have the best memory in the country. i am going to quiz him and see how good he is.
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stuart: you do not see this
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every day. building up over time. it would be dangerous if it fell, would it not. approaching 18,000 on this friday morning. gas, up a fraction overnight. the streak continues. twenty-five straight days. four stations in idaho at $1.64 said. the pentagon is lying out a game plan. operation set to begin in april. they will lead the ground operation, if they are ready. >> we are talking about seriously taking the fight to
11:32 am
isis. their track record is terrible. >> can make take on isis? mike baker. he should know the answer to that question. the white house said incorrect tax information to 800,000 obamacare enrollees. refunds delayed. what a mess. >> extending the enrollment period for obamacare. take away the employer mandate. they decide to give subsidies to states that do not do subsidies under the law. it is absolutely lawfulness.
11:33 am
stuart: their healthcare gets more expensive. the tax return delay because of a computer malfunction. >> obamacare trying to knit together all of these agencies. again, stuart, democrats have never represented the wishes of the american people. people start to experience the penalties. >> the republicans could go to the president and say the
11:34 am
supreme court case that they straight down the subsidies in this case. it will be a very interesting negotiation to watch. >> it sure will. we are joined by nelson dallas. a three-time u.s. memory champion. there he is. welcome to the program. i will give you a test. i will give you 10 words. say them one second apart. you have to repeat them to meet. >> okay. let's go. climate. ten bucks to. terrorism. superb list. radiator. cheeseburger. i'll go rather.
11:35 am
jubilee. note chuck. >> got it. all right. starting at the beginning. cheeseburger. so purple list. although rarely. yeah? stuart: yes. you only missed one. i will give you that last one. let's continue. >> you are the three-time u.s. memory champion.
11:36 am
>> i give speeches. and a sense, yes. stuart: can you tell us what your tactic is? >> i take whatever i am trying to memorize and i turn it into a mental picture. >> did you get the number eight yet? you still did very well, i have to say. you started to do this because your grandmother had alzheimer's. he wanted to help, i think? >> it is jubilee, i think. >> fantastic.
11:37 am
>> i started because of my grandmother that had alzheimer's. when she passed away, it was pretty shocking to me. i learned about the type weeks and the championship and just started training every single day. give me those 10 words again in the correct order. go. >> you want them backwards maybe? stuart: excellent. go. >> grandiose. jubilee. allegory. cheeseburger. radiator. terrorism. ten bucks to. climate. stuart: that was excellent.
11:38 am
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♪ >> i am laurence simon at the on the floor of the new york stock exchange. two up. read down. boeing shares hitting a new high. procter and gamble and coca-cola in the red. google shares are down about 1%. free android only youtube kids app. fun, family-friendly entertainment. we are looking at stock casual companies. 2015 adjusted profit forecasts. more varney after this. ♪
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11:43 am
an iconic building being turned into condominiums. quite a change. >> it is not unprecedented. we did see this happening at the path up. it was not successful for a good eight years. hopefully they will learn from the mistakes of the waldorf. the report says that the chairman was giving a speech. a potential buyer at the waldorf needs to have more than money to qualify for our apartments. i know; it right? >> taking those towers at the waldorf. they want to take those top penthouse suites and turn them into luxury apartments. we knew that they would do a renovation.
11:44 am
stuart: the chairman says you have to have money. >> money cannot buy you a suite at the waldorf either. it will be a whole different company. >> the waldorf presidential suite. will he stay in the presidential suite when it is owned by china? >>ho kno. >>ou a i tked outhis. th regators did cle t sale. the question was do you want
11:45 am
the president of the united states still staying at the waldorf? it will be sold anyway. happens. stuart: a professor suggesting students free speech should be limited. there is a popular romantic notion. nothing could be farther from the truth. that is why they need an education. we are joined by gabriella. she is a campus correspondent. a serious restriction on free
11:46 am
speech. you can say that, you can say this. >> suggesting that colleges and universities across america act as dictators and suppress students rights to express their opinions in classrooms. stuart: acting like a dick >> how you get an education. >> he said that, you know, college professors need to serve as dictators. stuart: did he use the word dictator? >> he did. he said that exchanging ideas and opinions lead students to
11:47 am
not actually be educated. what this says is that college students are not mature enough to handle free speech. most college students are of legal age. they can vote. they can even serve in a war. it is belinda lang and insulting. they have been reporting on a number of cases of political indoctrination on campuses. it is unconstitutional. students they do not leave their rights at the schoolhouse gate. that is something they need to put into this. stuart: very good.
11:48 am
thank you very much for joining us. i was not quite in tune with your argument until i heard you. good stuff. nascar season starts this weekend. it is on fox, by the way. the latest on curb bush is coming up next. >> smashed my head into the wall. ♪
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>> nascar driver curve push. his ex-girlfriend did an interview with fox and. world tape. >> it is so hard to sit in court and have people make up lies. she came in in a ball gown with blood. i am 5 feet tall. i have never been able to wear a trench coat in my entire life. >> the court case does continue. i want to stay on nascar for a
11:53 am
minute. drivers earn a lot. here are the top three are nurse. jimmie johnson 22 and a half million did jeff gordon just over 8 feet and a half million dollars. dagen mcdowell is with us. >> ring and on. >> that is a whole lot of money. >> licensing fees. >> justin salary, you look at aaron rodgers. $110 million contract. averages 22 million annually justin salary. jay cutler stupid.
11:54 am
stinking up the joint in the last season. russell wilson will be the highest-paid quarterback. stuart: nascar drivers. they have a career that may last. dagen: this makes me really happy. dale earnhardt junior. he has not won a championship. his died in 2001. the most popular driver. he is 40. jeff gordon is like 43. this will be jeff gordon's last season. he has been racing in the top tier series since 1993, i think. they have incredibly long careers if they continue to compete at the highest levels.
11:55 am
stuart: nascar drivers are probably the top paid athletes of all sports. >> their salaries have been in decline in recent years. they were only making super super big bucks within the last decade. >> you were talking to me in the break. ratings have just wanted it. >> we are in the freefall. incomes were not going up. the fan base was hard hit. i also think people lost interest in this sport. they stabilized the last three in the year. nascar stock reporting
11:56 am
attendance figures. the playoffs at the end of the year are called the chase. now it is and elimination series. maybe it will work. and lot of fights on the track. nascar fans loved us to see that last year. stuart: what is the attraction of watching for an expanded period of time round and round. i am seasick. dagen: to you like driving fast? trading paint. the daytona 500 on fox sunday.
11:57 am
he sounds like ross perot. [laughter] stuart: ague, dagen. next hour. apple car. apple watch. iphone. ipad. apple is the most important company in the world. the obama administration laid out his plan to defeat ices starting in april. the iraq use will do it if they are ready. mike baker joins us. two minutes. we will start the second hour. ♪
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stuart: we talk about how pope. it is the global brand of
12:00 pm
choice. it may become the first trillion dollar company. there is a personal side to this. everyone in america uses something from apple. i was devoted to it. fox gave me the assistant. use it. within a week, i could not work without it. now i live much of my life on it. hundreds of millions of people like me. apple is about to go into wearable computing. that is computing power on wheels.
12:01 pm
apple has ownership of that computing power that runs our lives. computers runs our lives. apple is way out front and putting power into our lives. that makes it the most important company. microsoft in the 90s. looks like to me it is apple right now. ♪ i have more on doubtful for you. pentagon officials laying out a plan. those officials say the reports will leave the offenses. april, perhaps may. maybe later.
12:02 pm
check the share price of apple. where are we as of right now. apple car is coming. it is coming soon. paying to have them on the road by 2020. five years from now to a car on the road. and much stronger position. apple is sitting on $178 billion. a honda. a toyota. a general motors.
12:03 pm
suddenly, here is google. i still am not convinced that apple will go into carg. wnostath anyway. i just do not see them do it. >> again, when you look at that, that is enough money for apple to go out.
12:04 pm
it is working on a lot of products right now. over 30 car manufacturers. they may be shooting themselves in the foot. selling technology to people. stuart: this must be not exactly great news to you. you said back. the computer does the driving. it is not rising. is it? >> you like driving. >> on the weekend i will grab the corvette and go hit the track. stuart: appreciate it. let's stay on apple.
12:05 pm
the last six days has not been fun. they have been is aspirating and infuriating. maybe i am a slow learner. i love it. i love this. my obvious question is by apple stock at $180 a share. yes or no. >> $750 valuation, i will pass. even with a car company that is attached to apple right now. here comes the watch. what about that car?
12:06 pm
i do not want to get carried away with it. what price would you buy out. >> i think if it went back down into the teens their microsoft word. stuart: a quick question for you about john deere. i am short two year right here. it is not a big short for me.
12:07 pm
it would hurt them significantly. a little foreign currency risk. stuart: i guess my commercial for john deere did not work. john, think you very much, indeed. back to the beach, big man. we are up 10 points. oil still around $50 a barrel. gas of a tiny fraction overnight. now let's get to the pentagon. laying out a game plan. set to begin in april or perhaps
12:08 pm
made. iraq use soldiers will leave the ground operation. former cia covert operations officer mike baker is with us. >> prepping the iraqi options. we have been doing that for years and years. stuart: you sound -- >> i am doubtful. people have listened to them. it is not unprecedented.
12:09 pm
it is unusual here. we are talking in more detail than is necessary. there is a political angle here. not offending muslims by saying we want to accomplish this. a lot of things. stuart: supposedly we will not get 25,000 iraqi troops. we will not attack in april or may. is that a possibility? what that tells me is this is
12:10 pm
not directed to the campaign from the white house. they are getting ahead of the kurds. again, is there something new. this has happened in the past. is it helpful? let's also be realistic and understanding that part of this is self evident to the islamic state. at some point, we will have to try. again, it is a little bizarre. they send some fresh ration it used to.
12:11 pm
are people like you just straining at the leash to get out there and do it? more of the things is not accessible. waiting for that magical day when others will take the lead. where is the u.s. leadership. you have to put some boots on the ground in a physical way. we could just meet isis with a strategic effort. we have to get out in front of this. stuart: we hear you mike baker.
12:12 pm
cheers actor rare conservative in hollywood. start teaching technical skills in high school. teaching them how to make things. the hardest working man in news. do not miss this. after the break walmart giving its workers raises. this is not a victory for the unions. we will explain why. ♪
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12:15 pm
stuart: look at this. an interesting picture. the restaurant is there a well-known. it is popular. it is trendy. that was a giant beer or that came down. taylor swift was in the restaurant when it happened. check the share price of
12:16 pm
walmart. raising hourly wages. up to $10 an hour by next year. we are joined now by the ceo of ck eu restaurant. i do not think restaurant is paying higher wages because of union pressure. they want to attract and keep a higher pressure of quality coming through the door. >> i think you are absolutely right. people have more money in their pockets. retail businesses are feeling the effects of that. when businesses better, there is greater demand for labor. greater demand for costs. walmart is responding appropriately. you establish an new for next
12:17 pm
year. $10 an hour. they are about to get a very nice pay raise next year. it is coming, by the looks of it. >> walmart is a national company. we are a little different. we are very highly franchised. you may have franchisees in alabama that pay less than somebody gets in san francisco. i think everybody will see an increase. it is true with labor as it is with anything else. it is a good system. consumers are spending the extra money they have in their pocket from gas prices and restaurants.
12:18 pm
>> you are filling up your tank. you will get that burger on home with mom. you can stop at a carl's junior or parties. people are responding to having that cash. not everybody has. you have to promote them correctly. a very significant increase since oil prices dropped. stuart: i understand you open a hardee's in new york city. >> three of them in your area by april. one in middletown. one in somerset. somerset is pretty close. that is over in new jersey. stuart: thank you. all right.
12:19 pm
news from the world of college sports. michigan, ohio state, and stayed among them. athletes ineligible to play sports. brian is here. >> i think it is an interesting proposal. through the big ten wait a second, what if we just tell these guys and women, with the amount of pressure to take 12 credits, you will never graduate on time. take your 12 credits. get acclimated. they understand this is education first. maybe i want to stay. stuart: you think it is good? >> i think it is interesting.
12:20 pm
i think in the big picture it is interesting. big-time players aren't going to the big time. unless everybody is up for it, it will not work. >> rudy giuliani is standing by his comments that president obama does not love congress. an update on that the tarp. it is called a black beauty. it sold, for what i am told, for a bargain. listen. ♪
12:21 pm
the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
12:22 pm
whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
12:23 pm
12:24 pm
>> the first qatar that he used. he put it to the public on television. black piano finish. stuart: let me update you on the fate of the black beauty qatar. tom doyle played it for us, as you saw. who bought it, you ask?
12:25 pm
i will show you. $335,000 for that to tarp. that was way below estimate. >> yes. stuart: -- >> the creator of that qatar. i have a long history. i took three years of lessons. i wanted to meet girls. not attracted to a clarinet play. stuart: how do i segued from that to this. listen to this. >> he apologizes for america. he criticizes america. it is my opinion and i am
12:26 pm
entitled to it. the same love of america that i detect it. i think it is a lot of the things that he says and does. stuart: do you agree with what rudy giuliani said about the president? >> i do not think that the president is anti-american. he is patriotic. over 50% of the country elected him twice. they want to be able to look forward. go on twitter or facebook. everybody is weighing in. they want the distraction of was he born here? is he a patriot. each one of those candidates has
12:27 pm
two common about rudy. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. >> that 2 yards. america came from the people being self reliant. now we are crossing over to self delusional. thinking someone will take care of this. ♪
12:28 pm
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stuart: the big board shot at 18,000. apple not far from all time high have 129. a five year time frame for a computer you drive known as a car. john laz-z-boy field would not buy the stock. lower profits of beer, the profit forecast for the year as well. lower corn prices weak demand for farm equipment to blame, lakeedge field is shorting the year saying it will go down some more. will cut in half from its highs from last june when it was over $100 a barrel $51.30, guess up a fraction of tonight $2.27 is
12:32 pm
your average of $0.22 in one month. the frigid temperatures across the country set to last throughout the weekend, good excuse to stay inside but we have sent a brave reporter to the shores of lake michigan. come on in derek king. how does it feel? >> feels like i am on a beach a nice frozen polar beach. not often during wintertime i was wishing i was in fargo, north dakota but today is one of those days, twice as warm in the windy city and-7 degrees with a windchill, much colder than that and wind chills, and i have to see along lake michigan it is frozen over 80% of the
12:33 pm
entire great lakes are frozen over second time that has happened, the second consecutive year for that happen. first time that happened since the 1970s. kids are making school, a tough year in chicago. it is supposed to get to the team this afternoon. this weekend or rather tomorrow we will get a little bit of a break, it will be in the spring time temperatures of 20 degrees in chicago down to single digits. stuart: we are getting messages from fargo, north dakota that didn't like your report. you may remember the american made movie, documentary, look back the glory days of manufacturing, a new nationwide initiative has been announced to put manufacturing into the classrooms. who is behind it? john ratzenberger. you have had some success.
12:34 pm
the announcement was this week, georgia is going to do something. >> yes. three entity stepped up, clyde strickland metro waterproofing to enable us to handle $1 million check to the governor of georgia. they will institute a first-ever program in the united states. middle school and high schools being exposed to the beauty and attractiveness of working in manufacturing. this is a viable location. stuart: i was born and raised in england -- >> i could tell. stuart: shop porche in england and i was told the all the way through the 60s and 70s and 80s kids learned to make things. what happened? why did it go away?
12:35 pm
>> partly political, people didn't realize we need people to build things. they thought somehow this always happens, it just happens on its own liddy used to happen on its own because when we were kids we would go outside to play but in the play and we were fixing our own bikes, climbing trees, building 3 houses building ditches, we were problem-solving and learning. that has been taken away from us. shop classes have been taken away and this is the first generation in the history of the world that was raised without the knowledge of tools. the average age is 58 years old, people who know how to make things. if we need to be self-reliant, self-sufficient nation or civilization we have to get back to square 1. stuart: you have an awful lot of support. the last time you were on the show in december of 2013, we got a lot of support for you from
12:36 pm
that. we wish you the best of luck. >> national education initiative. we are hoping to bring it to other states, other states are coming and saying we can help from. we can do it. close to 15 years. stuart: we appreciate that and thanks for coming back to us, we would like to see you on the show. good stuff. >> thank you, i appreciate it. stuart: anytime you can find a conservative in hollywood, put him on the show. >> he is saying american. >> make cars we can't work on. making houses we need professionals for. you didn't want to talk to me. that was my fault. i am so into this segment. stuart: let's talk about nascar driver kurt bush who is scheduled to compete in the daytona 500 he is accused of domestic violence against patricia driscoll's who appeared on fox and friends this morning.
12:37 pm
roll that tape. >> he says in the incident he only kept your face. >> he said he taps my head against the wall give me a break. i have pictures from that night because bruises take a while to develop they don't show up after someone hurts you. by the time my neighbor met me at the house i had bruises on my neck and throat where he grabbed me on my face. stuart: kurt bush the court case continues. the principle involved here, should someone's behavior off the court, off the track, off the field be a reason to ban fat person from pursuing their career on the track, on the court, on the field. >> negative action, and my conflict as well. the nfl what nascar should learn from is i wanted the court
12:38 pm
system to play out as obvious as the person might be that is guilty or has -- as great as it media that they might not be guilty, or they get arrested they have a quick reaction. to quickly assess how serious is put penalties in before the act, up they have changed, all the major sports they get so much money with sponsors and besides the commissioner to make a judgment there is a lot of air or they are being victimized. stuart: we understand it, the principle stands. there will be punishment. that is where it should be. up packed train in london during a busy morning commute. i-man shoved aside, an expletive shouted. might have cost him a job. full story in a moment. ♪♪
12:39 pm
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the 2015 m-class. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. >> i am lauren simonetti on the floor of the stock exchange. stocks are in the green. they are the lagging sector
12:41 pm
today. the only lagging sectors this year. the biggest winner of last year. duke energy and so on. they are up in a big way hitting a new high $80.87. the revenue beat, spending money to invest in the future, wall street likes it. finally, bloomberg is reporting that company is exploring a sale and has reached out to potential buyers. more "varney and company" after this.
12:42 pm
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so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. stuart: beanstalk going to a new high, going $1.58, that was the high. that is accounting for 28 points of the dow's near 50 point rally. now this. and h r executive in london was on his way to work when a telecommuter pushed past him and launched a foul mouth tirade at him as they were both getting off a packed rush-hour train and here is the best part. hours later the same man who had just cursed him out was sitting in his office for a job interview. tracy byrnes. it tracy: that is how you teach children about having the conscience which apparently is
12:44 pm
called social media. the crazy part is a rude guy sits down in this man's office and the recruiter gets up to weed out instantly the guy who pushed past me on the tube and suggested i go f myself just arrived for his interview with me. during the interview people started read tweeting it, it was reach we did 14,000 times. he didn't get the job at the end of the day. the recruiter is saying it had nothing to do with the fact he was rude but he wasn't qualified. stuart: what are the odds? tracy: try to kid -- teacher kids god is watching, social media is always watching. >> look on fox's screen. tracy: the guy got up before the interview that had to cleat to the world's is weird to me but the other aspect, don't do that.
12:45 pm
stuart: you casting doubt on the story? you think it is a setup? >> a little egomaniacal he had to tweet out. >> krieger heard mickey mantle. stuart: don't remember that one. no feel. monday -- tuesday's have a field. tracy: don't to that anymore. stuart: i knew i could take is in a promising direction. the 87 annual academy awards will air this sunday evening. i have actually seen most of these movies until the last couple months. let's bring in keith simonson managing editor. this is the world's number one movie sight. welcome to the program. i want to get started, best picture nominees. here they are. americans sniper, bird man,
12:46 pm
boyhood, the imitation game, selma the theory of everything, whiplashed. what is your pick for the winner? >> for best picture it is this tossup between bird man and a boyhood. no one is sure. i go back to the sage advice my mom and dad imparted to me when i was a child which is if you have a tight race go with the movie that is about putting on a show and that will be bird man, about putting on a theatrical production, actors love actors, that will win. stuart: best actor nominees. steve correll, bradley cooper, benedict michael keaton, and your pick for the winner is? >> it would be a. this ad awards which predicted this accurately for the last ten
12:47 pm
years, he does won and he is a great guy. michael keaton was an early leader but it has to be him. stuart: i saw that movie and i am told, amazing, i actually saw that one. it was great. i got a discount, senior citizen for the early matinee. i understand he had to do different scenes 4 different parts of the story line, different times of day so when the morning striding around healthy at lunchtime he would be in a wheelchair and at night he would be doing this scene on crutches and could barely move. that is the claim to best actor i think. >> a lot of people are making my left foot the disability, but this is a strong performance, visual performance, with his eyes, it is the worthy
12:48 pm
performance. i love michael keaton in bird man. stuart: i'm with you on this one. best actress nominees, felicity jones julianne moore, roseland pike and your pick for the winner is? >> long overdue coronation for julianne moore, the alzheimer's film still out, she is very good in it, the film is okay but she wins as often happens a great actor or actress will win for the role, not for the role they should have but for a role that is kind of a makeup and this is the case here. she is lovely so -- stuart: case closed. i am going to watch the oscars from beginning to end. if i have to stay up to midnight. i will be there. thank you very much indeed, appreciate it. >> i can't see, you go to bed very early and these are of a people you don't like to hang
12:49 pm
out with hollywood rich people. you like to hang out with everyday blue collar people with overalls and holes in their elbows and jeans sherds. >> what the red carpet you're going to watch anything. >> can get on with this? stuart: john stossel carrying the libertarian torch of freedom to college campuses. stossel is next. sometimes breathing air can be difficult. if you have copd, ask your doctor about once-daily anoro ellipta. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms
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stuart: back to the terror story, the pentagon plans to retake the iraqi city of mosul. brian kilmeade is here. they gave away the battle plan, they said we will do this and first and when we going to do it? >> donald rumsfeld we had on before we go down here never heard of anything like this. he is not optimistic because we have a new secretary of defense has been in the job for a day. now that he got the job let's look at the battle plan. i would like to be in on the construction of a battle plan. stuart: maybe the people of the united states approve of this. let them kill each other. let them sort out their problem. we don't lose guys, troops because of their problem. >> according to the plan that is out everywhere except times
12:54 pm
square basically we are going to be in there fighting to a smaller degree. we solid happened when iraqi forces were forced to fight before. they ran away and left their stuff. now we are asking 25,000 to get trained up and take a major city. their hope is to intimidate and let us is feeling is a hopeless situation. darrell issa is a hopeless situation. they live to be hopeless. they want this to be a dead end they hope for the next life. one thing about these guys, there is even laz-z-boy can be but they are not usually afraid. hoping they are afraid is not a good plan. bernard: when you did not approve of giving the battle plan in advance. >> i am not sure if we want to be successful unless it is not a battle plan but something entirely different. and didn't give away where the kurds would be ahead of time. stuart: two minutes to john stossel who is here. i want to talk about a libertarian dream. 15 and college students gathering to discuss liberty. stossel was there. what do these youngsters know
12:55 pm
about the birdie? john: ac we keep losing as government grows. college republicans and college democrats atrophy but students for liberty a growing movement. stuart: a libertarian movement within the college. john: young republicans and young democrats, they still exist but this group is more vibrant. they are 100 countries as well where they have bigger problems like marx's shut the schools down and are learning how to fight back. stuart: they are libertarians in the classic sense. john: they know more about it than i did when i was there. stuart: have they ever read high-tech? john: yes. i put him up on the wall and they say yes. "imus in the morning" when you ever heard of that? john: i took german but wasn't successful. stuart: the road to serfdom, the classic the book about capitalism liberty and individual freedom. am i right? john: how little we know about what we imagine we can design and there is so much wisdom in
12:56 pm
that if on the i could convince bill o'reilly and social media, doesn't it help you? isn't it part of the reason this liberty is getting so much traction? john: more people cantata and central planners can't control everything as easily. they get to use coercion and free people. appleby stuart: you are telling us the libertarians are making really big strides. i think you are right. you have an increasingly important position in the republican party, rand paul for example. john: and the independent and democratic party. stuart: show me a libertarian democrat. they are central planning government people. john: jason chase fads in some ways. there are a few of them. stuart: we can see it all at what time tonight? john: 9:00 tonight. stuart: what is the name of the show? john: stossel on fox business network. stuart: the same one we are on now. john: i feel like a trained
12:57 pm
monkey. stuart: a libertarian trained monkey. john: he could choose not to answer. stuart: there is no central planning. what i say goes. >> there is no freedom from heart breaks. stuart: more varney after this.
12:58 pm
♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil flowing 365 days a year. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson.
12:59 pm
>> not unprecedented that we've got cast in a broad strategy. we are talking and more details and necessary. talking about the number of brigades. there is a political angle here, obviously. stuart: that was mike baker. he does not really like the idea. he thinks that is not a great
1:00 pm
idea. my time is up. deirdre bolton is next. deirdre: thing you. it is google versus apple versus samsung. the one rival is taking the concept beyond. a true american success story from refugee to chef and one lifetime. the u.s. state department nonessential e-mail system was breached. rich edson is with me now from d.c. the former chief information officer under president bush. joining us from charlotte


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